Monochrome - Nubuck Watch Strap - Taupe


Taurillon Nubuck leather is created from the very best part of the hide, the top grain. It's then sanded to create a short nap that has a plush velvety feel. The Monochrome nubuck collection is inspired by the fabulous colours of nature, in particular Autumn. 

You can wear this taupe coloured strap with almost anything. It can be worn formally and the nubuck texture gives it a casual vibe turning it into a great weekend strap. However you choose to wear it, it's a colour that's always going to look fabulous.

Sizes: 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22mm.

Strap length: 115/75mm (medium) - 120/80mm (long, 20/16mm only) - 105/70mm (short, 20/16mm only)

Thickness: A uniform 2.5mm, which makes this a relatively thin strap and very comfortable to wear.

Buckle: Brushed 16mm buckle.

All straps come with quick-release spring bars.

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