Isofrane - Rubber Watch Strap - Orange


Want a more beefier look to your big, bold diver? Want something incredibly durable yet comfortable and worry-free? ISOFRANE Rubber watch straps might just be perfect for you.

The ISOFRANE concept was first introduced in the early 1960’s, when popularity for diving instruments and tool watches took off. Where early dive watch straps were made from rubber, often sticky and uncomfortable. The ISOFRANE concept used a compound similar to road tires, which is constantly exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, dirt and chemicals. A material perfectly suited for a dive watch band.

The premium ISOFRANE rubber watch straps are made from a non-allergenic rubber that offers durability and softness. Made without silicon, it does not attract dust the way other rubber straps might do.

The ISOFRANE rubber watch straps come in a standard length of 130mm x 75mm excluding the buckle. We have three widths available; 20mm, 22mm and 24mm, all fitted with ISOFRANE’s brushed steel RS buckle.

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